How do I get Google Ads approved?

Google Ads Approval: Need help getting your Google Ads approved? Don’t worry, there are a few steps and considerations you need to keep in mind to ensure compliance with Google’s advertising policies. Let me guide you through the process with this general guideline.

  1. Understand Google’s Policies: Make sure you understand Google’s advertising rules so that your ads follow their guidelines. Pay attention to what content is not allowed, what content is restricted, and what editorial standards you need to meet.
  2. Create Quality Content: Make sure that the articles you create are of top-notch quality, pertinent, and offer valuable information to your readers. Google has a preference for content that is informative and beneficial to its users.
  3. Keyword Research: Perform comprehensive keyword research to discover relevant keywords associated with your articles. Utilize tools such as Google Keyword Planner to locate keywords that have a high search volume and minimal competition.
  4. Optimize Your Content: To enhance the relevance and visibility of your articles in search results, it’s important to seamlessly integrate the identified keywords into your content.
  5. Write Compelling Headlines: To enhance the relevance and visibility of your articles in search results, it’s important to seamlessly integrate the identified keywords into your content.
  6. Ensure Originality: Ensure that your articles are unique and not plagiarized from other sources. Google does not allow copied content and it may result in ad disapproval.
  7. Proofread and Edit: Make sure to carefully review and revise your articles to guarantee they are devoid of any grammar mistakes, typos, and formatting problems.
  8. Meet Minimum Word Count: Ensure that your articles meet Google’s minimum word count requirements. While there’s no specific word count mentioned in Google’s policies, longer articles (over 2000 words) tend to perform better in terms of SEO and user engagement.
  9. Adhere to Landing Page Policies: Ensure that the landing pages linked from your ads comply with Google’s advertising policies. Landing pages should provide relevant and accurate information consistent with the ad content.
  10. Submit for Approval: After preparing your articles, proceed to set up your Google Ads campaign and submit your ads for approval. Google will carefully assess your ads in accordance with their policies and guidelines.
  11. Monitor Performance: Once your advertisements have been approved and are live, it is important to consistently monitor their performance. Keep a close eye on important metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and ad relevance. Make any necessary adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve improved outcomes.

Adhering to these guidelines and ensuring alignment with Google’s policies will enhance the chances of your Google Ads being approved and running smoothly.

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